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A crossing over the CPR’s main line in Maple Ridge with the Fraser River in the background.  I thought the colour of the sky and clouds was quite interesting.


9 responses

  1. Wonderful photograph

    2016/08/13 at 15:14

    • Victor, thank you very much!

      2016/08/13 at 17:41

  2. perfect ‘painting’ clouds.

    2016/08/13 at 16:35

    • T, thank you, I was really taken by them!

      2016/08/13 at 17:41

  3. rhiebert

    Yes,that sky is interesting and the whole picture is stunning.

    2016/08/13 at 16:48

    • Ruth, thank you very much! It was such a nice summer day, and the clouds were spectacular!

      2016/08/13 at 17:42

  4. Spectacular, indeed! Perfect cirrus (mares’ tails) clouds.

    2016/08/13 at 21:11

    • D, thank you! I didn’t know they were called that!

      2016/08/13 at 21:46

      • It’s Ancient Greek … “Mares’ tails”.

        2016/08/14 at 06:37

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