My world in images


Over By the Big Tree


A pretty spot over the hay field where a nice big trees lives among the clouds!


Up River


A patch of the Fraser River upriver from Fort Langley.

Port Mann


Westbound over the Port Mann bridge between Surrey and Coquitlam on the Trans-Canada Highway.

cabin by the lake


just before full dark the other day, we got some interesting cloud in the sky.

As High An…


…Elephants Eye! Well, I don’t have an Elephant handy so you’ll to take my word for it! This is a lovely field of Corn in Washington, just at the border. I really don’t know about Elephants but it is really high and is a nice looking crop. The land in Watcom County is flat farmland. Very much what I’m familiar with on our prairies. They are primarily concerned with Dairy, but corn is a major diet for Dairy Cows. It is cut as silage and stored in various ways, like a Silo or a pit!