My world in images


Distant Highway

Manitoba 2015 785.jpg

A shot from a couple of years ago. During our lives we have spent many hours crossing the Canadian plains. We are huge fans of the prairies. This shot is a stretch of road east of Calgary, Alberta. A big Stretch! Life play on across the endless skies and horizons.


Idyllic Autumn


Autumn has always been one of my favourite seasons. Is there anything better than a crisp morning full of reflections and Autumn colours.

Golden Hour


At the golden hour yesterday, the sky put on a dramatic display of blue with light and dark clouds. Four Douglas Firs in the centre of the image give scale to the whole.

In the Autumn Sun


A pre-Autumn late September rural scene. The late sun was producing a soft glow.

That Final Kiss…


…of our lovely sun, leaves us to ponder the coming day and to be Thankful for all our blessings.