My world in images


Precious Growth


Along the sidewalk of the park that I walk the dog in, there are quite a few Alder trees. Guess that’s why it’s called Aldergrove. Here’s one that is just starting to send out it’s leaves. Lovely Spring signs.  The round things are mature female Catkins.A

Smiling Faces


At our front door, we have an overhang over the door. These Pansies have been there in a pot all winter long. They are getting a bit of sun and warm now and are looking good!

Springs First


The first Daffodil in our yard this Spring.  Showing a bright face in the rain.

That Tree by the Barn


A big old tree out beside an old barn. Distant mountains and cloud in the background on a rainy Abbotsford day.

40 Winks


A trio of Northern Shovelers found themselves a spot a the edge of the marsh for a quick afternoon nap in the sun!  Nothing like a nap in the sunshine!