My world in images

A Long View


Looking northward somewhere on the Saskatchewan prairie.


8 responses

  1. i like it! excellent frustrating picture puzzle material. 🙂

    2016/08/14 at 16:36

    • T, thanks! It would be that!

      2016/08/14 at 18:53

  2. Excellent panorama.As TexWis Girl says,that would be a frustrating puzzle to do.

    2016/08/14 at 20:01

    • Ruth, thank you!

      2016/08/14 at 20:47

  3. Excellent, expressive panoramic shot!
    There was a photographer in the ’30s … itinerant, of course, who specialized in panoramic pictures on the prairie. He had several large-format view cameras that he carried in the trunk of his car, and would set up when he found a subject. Some of them, as I recall, were glass-plate cameras. Due to the limitations of those times, he was forced to make contact prints.

    2016/08/15 at 08:42

    • D, thanks! I’m sure glad photography has evolved the way it has. It’s nice to not be constrained by a roll of film! I like that it allows personal expression with the expense! And I like the instant gratification, or failure.

      2016/08/15 at 12:23

  4. This brought back a lot of memories. I attended a Bible College in Sask. in the mid-70’s (no longer there) and the view from the dorm was very much like this one.

    2016/08/17 at 11:28

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