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Forever Daisy


A display of Daisies at one of the local greenhouses. Being a big fan of Daisies I couldn’t resist!


6 responses

  1. rhiebert

    Greenhouse or garden, the daisy is a lovely flower.

    2017/11/23 at 19:04

    • Ruth, thank you! They are certainly a favourite of mine!

      2017/11/23 at 19:22

  2. Pretty colour. Incredibly we still had wild daisies in bloom here until recently.

    2017/11/24 at 10:23

    • Adele, thank you! It’s been quite mild here too! It went up to 19 degrees yesterday! We had one little snowfall that lasted overnight but no heavy frost! Lots of rain though!

      2017/11/24 at 17:10

  3. Nicely done, Robin!

    2017/11/24 at 13:14

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