My world in images


Forever Daisy


A display of Daisies at one of the local greenhouses. Being a big fan of Daisies I couldn’t resist!


At Dusk


As the sun went town today, we had a little haze that lingered. Here our Butterfly bush is shrouded in the mistyness. Blooming into October is a bit rare, but we’ve had a nice season for growing.



I think you can tell when the seasons are changing.  Summer to Autumn is usually announced  with Chrysanthemums or if you like, just Mums!

Summer Sun


A small volunteer Sunflower in our garden.  We often get these from the seed that has been dropped from our bird feeders.  It’s always a treat to see something you weren’t expecting.  So would call it a weed!  Not Me!!

No One Yet Has Addressed…


…the Elephant in the room! Rudbeckia in the foreground with their bright faces! This Elephant was once a prop in a locally shot movie. It now resides at a local Garden Centre in Surrey: Potter’s. It made an interesting backdrop!