My world in images


Precious Growth


Along the sidewalk of the park that I walk the dog in, there are quite a few Alder trees. Guess that’s why it’s called Aldergrove. Here’s one that is just starting to send out it’s leaves. Lovely Spring signs.  The round things are mature female Catkins.A

Crocus Success


After pushing their heads through the snow, recently, the Crocus in our garden are finally making a pretty display.  With help from the raindrops!



Monsters at the local seed plant. Otter Coop in Aldergrove, B.C. All the various pipes and machines are used to seperate as well as mix grain for animal feed.

The Brightest Face on the Block


The bright face and smile of a Winter Pansy, that has been smiling for us at our front door for the whole Winter

Out My Front Door


In a part of the country that prides itself in being green year round, this view is a bit different for us! The past few years, we’ve had mild winters. This year, winter came with a vengance. It started raining on Wednesday and the piles have shrunk substancially.