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Season of the Mushroom


Autumn is a great time if your into Mushrooms. Here’s some growing in our backyard!


6 responses

  1. rhiebert

    Beautiful! You must have gotten down low to get this shot.

    2018/10/17 at 17:24

    • Ruth, thanks very much! Yes, I had the camera right on the ground! I was quite pleased with the results!

      2018/10/18 at 19:02

  2. Wonderful shot!
    Brings back great memories of when I could crawl around shooting (with a camera of course) mushrooms, fiddleheads, fleurs and anything I could find interesting on the forest floor. 🙂
    Always had a passion for the ‘shroom though!

    2018/11/04 at 12:16

    • Spry, Thank you! I was just like that too!

      2018/11/04 at 17:19

  3. Funny how things change over the years. 🙂

    2018/11/05 at 06:57

    • Merle, thank you! I always wonder why we see something one year and not the next!

      2018/11/10 at 16:19

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