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Good Fences #108


Here’s some fence and a gate and a wonderful Spring Rhododendron

Linked to: Good Fences #108


8 responses

  1. w.o.w!

    2016/04/14 at 18:11

    • T, thanks! It is really nice! Such a nice red! Nothing like it anywhere around there so it really stands out!

      2016/04/14 at 18:15

  2. Wow that is some huge and gorgeous “Rhodie” growing by that fence.

    2016/04/14 at 18:14

    • Ida, thanks! It is a beauty!

      2016/04/14 at 18:15

  3. Hello, what a gorgeous rhododendron! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    2016/04/15 at 06:21

    • Eileen, thank you and you too!

      2016/04/15 at 12:40

  4. Wow! That’s quite a plant, Robin!

    2016/04/17 at 21:07

    • D, thanks! It’s stunning!

      2016/04/17 at 21:35

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