My world in images




Beautiful flowers in the garden. I have no idea what they are! They appeared to be stretching for that final ray of sunshine.



On a very hazy day heading westbound from Hope, B.C. on the Canadian National Railway main line. Hope being at the east end of the Fraser Valley tends to get a backup of the weather down in the valley. The wind blows all the Smog and Fog which hangs up on the Mountains at the end of the Valley.

Blueberry Field


Looking south, the other day, into Washington from 0 Avenue. The Blueberries are coming into leaf. This huge field surrounds a wood lot of trees, complete with Eagles nests.

Sweet Magnolia Blossoms


Spring brings the Magnolias. Lovely flowers, but they don’t last long.

Happy Easter


What better way to wish everyone a Happy Easter than with these two Lovey Dovey Eurasion Collared Doves in a Cherry tree!

Happy Easter