My world in images





6 responses

  1. your library? nice!

    2013/12/07 at 11:27

    • T, yeah! A bit of it anyway! There’s several more book cases like that! We like books! They are treasures!

      2013/12/07 at 13:07

  2. Pat

    Nice. We love books too, but your shelves look a lot neater.

    2013/12/07 at 16:43

    • Pat, I only show you the neat part!!! Thanks!

      2013/12/07 at 16:52

  3. I try to read at least one good book a year. Trouble is, I’m 54 years behind! 🙂

    2013/12/08 at 18:38

    • Yep, you got some catching up to do!

      2013/12/08 at 18:43

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