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Fence Friday


A happy white fence making sure the lovely evergreens don’t get away! Happy Fence Friday!


One Winter Afternoon


Travelling around in the lower mainland of B.C. there are ample views of the Golden Ears Mountains in Maple Ridge, B.C. There are many opportunities for a photographer. I have taken a lot of shots of these mountains. This is another one, taken yesterday afternoon as the sun was setting.

Good Fences # 125


I like this little piece of fence.  It has no purpose but to support the flowers behind it.  The colours were just great.

It’s Good Fences Day. Have a look see!

Good Fences #109


A white fence (sort of) and a flowering Dogwood tree.  The Dogwood is an official emblem of the Province of B.C.  and is a protected plant.

This good fence certainly adds to to scene.

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Colours of Winter


A row of trees along a fence line in Abbotsford, B.C.

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