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Washington Mountains

Washington Mountain.jpeg

It was a good day for Mountains a couple of days back. These are located South of Mt. Baker. I’m sorry I don’t know the name of them.


American Farm

Amerianbarn (1).jpg

An American farm looking north to the mountains in Canada.

A Wispy Cloudy Day


The other day down around 0 Ave, it was a whispy cloudy day. By the way, 0 Ave, borders on the border, between Canada and the US.

Perfect Horizon


An archive shot from last year. A shot taken in eastern Washington. We were driving though a large thunderstorm but off to the south it was sunny. I was impressed with the perfect horizon. Big Country!

Standing Proud


Forever standing proud to the south east of Mt. Baker in Washington. The corn field in the foreground has been reduced to stubble.  Mount Snoqualmie.