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Here It Comes


The other day we had a cracking Thunder Storm. It chased the sun away and the skies opened with heavy rains. Even the Crows were heading for cover!


Dynamic Sky


After, it seems, weeks of clear skies, this weekend we had lots of cloud roll in. Even had some rain but only a sprinkle. I like my dramatic skies!

Fence Friday


Here’s a lovely fence with a great vista of the Golden Ears Mountains. HFF!

Fence Friday


Here it is Fence Friday again. A nice simple fence seperates this tree farm from the road. There was a very dramatic sky that day!

After the Rain


It rained yesterday. A welcome, quenching rain. May for us was the driest on record with only 1.5 mm of rain. Corn was planted across the way and has been growing for most of May. I’m sure with the rain, it will shoot up some more!