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Out of the Sun

Out of the Sun.jpeg

A number of Gulls flying north appear to be coming out of the sun.


Glass Field


Over the weekend we had a Winter storm that left us yesterday after long periods of freezing rain. Today with the Sun making an appearance the field and trees appear to be coated in glass and reflect the sun very nicely!

Late Monday Afternoon


We had some sun today! A nice break from the rain, but it looks like more rain on the way.



After an afternoon of Thunder and heavy rain, as the sun went down the storm began to break up.  To the south the thunderheads were illuminated by the sun’s golden rays.  Overhead the cloudage was more dramatic, with heavy black clouds.

In Awe of Clouds


Here’s the clouds illuminated by the setting sun.  I am in awe of them
Always have been, but love them more now that I can capture their images!