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Sunset Central


Here we are again at Sunset central. Another outstanding display by Mother Nature. This may be the last for a bit as it’s suppose to rain starting tonight for a week or so!

This is a three shot compilation edited in Aurora HDR.


Sundown December 10th


A lovely sunset tonight in our part of the world

A Monday Sunset


We were out most of the afternoon, and were just on our way home at sundown.  This is a view of a local farm just down the road for us. The lines and red plants in the foreground are Blueberry plants with their irrigation tubes in place.



Here’s a shot of the Sunset a couple of weeks ago. It seems we always get great sunsets this time of year. Except when it’s raining, which it has done quite a bit lately!

A Break in the Rain

20th sunset.jpeg

As the sun set today, we got a break in the constant rain of late. Nice while it lasted to more rain on the way!