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Along the Way

IMG_5282 (1).jpg

Along the way in Langley is an active Dairy farm. Corn is grown here as cattle feed. At this time of year only the stubble remains.


Former Glory


The days that once were

Good Fences #123


Here’s a shot right out of a Dime Store Western.

It’s definitely suited to it’s black and white treatment.  This old spread has lots of fences.  Stock fences and Snow fences and whatever else they needed!

Today is Good Fences Day.  Head on over and acknowledge Theresa and her efforts at the Run-A-Round Ranch in Texas!

Good Fences #105


Where would we be with cows.  For all the things they provide us with.  And, where would we be without fences and gates to keep them where they should be.

Here’s a dairy operation, just south of the B.C./Washington border.

Yes, it’s Good Fences Day, drop on over and say Hi!

Good Fences #88


Another Red Barn and shed and Silo with lots of fences for keeping animals where they belong (and out of the flowers!)

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