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The Boss


Here’s a bright shinny Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus) in all his bright Spring colours.


Welcome Back


If you didn’t know, Hummingbirds are my all time favourites! I have a huge passion for birds, but Hummers are on the top of the list. We had Anna’s Hummingbirds ( Calypte anna) us all winter. We fed them and gave them a dry place to perch. This little guy is the first of the Rufous Hummingbirds (Selasphorus rufus)we have seen this year in our yard. Or anywhere else for that matter. I look into his eyes and wonder where he was all winter. Anyway, welcome back Mr. Rufous!

I posted another shot of this bird on my other blog, because I know Ruth will see them both, and I was so happy to see this little guy!  He’s my hero of the day!

By the way, here’s the address of my other blog,  come on over and have a look:


Hummer & Lucifer


Here’s a Hummer and a Lucifer.  The Hummer is a Rufous Hummingbird female.  The Plant is a Coocosmia Lucifer.  I am completely enamoured with both of them.  And I love this shot!

Sweet Nectar


A Rufous Hummingbird enjoying the nectar of the Turtlehead flowers

Enjoying the Flowers


A female Rufous Hummingbird enjoying the flowers of our Soapwort