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Storms a Coming


Storm clouds slide in from the west at the edge of the North Dakota badlands.


Shiny in a Row


Here’s a row of steel granaries in North Dakota.  The afternoon sun was hitting them just right to make them nice and shiny!

Good Fences #120

end of the earth.jpg

Here’s an important fence.  You see, it’s protecting the end of the earth.  People have been known to be so engrossed in looking at the clouds, that they’ve simply walked off the edge into whatever oblivion lies beyond!

Well, that’s my story anyway.  A good one for Good Fences Day.  I don’t know why there was a double fence there.  Maybe one was to far gone to repair.

Follow the link to see more great fences.  Thanks to Theresa for hosting this weekly event!

Good Fences #118


As the sun set these cows were highlighted against the deep blue eastern sky.  Lots of big skies in North Dakota too!  And lots of range fences like this one that go on for miles and miles.

It’s Good Fences day.  Drop on over and have a look!

Naturally North Dakota


Driving highway I-94 through Theodore Roosevelt National Park here is the Painted Canyon with it’s Spectacular view of the North Dakota Badlands.