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The Gnarly Tree


A Gnarly old tree in the farmland with a view of the Mountains near the Golden Ears mountains!


New Snow


The Golden Ears mountains in all their glory on a lovely first day of March.

Monday Magnificence Mountain Madness E12


Here’s a previously unpublished image of our local mountains, the Golden Ears in Maple Ridge. A fitting way to end this series, for now. This is a great example of the Lower Mainland in Winter. Two days latter we got a huge dump of snow.

Tremendous Tuesday – Mountain Madness E10


Somewhere around Revelstoke, B.C. we found this restless giant. Look close in the snow and you can see a couple of places where she’s had rock slides. Rumblings below or melting snow?

Saturday Surprise Mountain Madness E08


Here’s some more of our local scenery. By local I mean the Lower Mainland of B.C. This is north of the Fraser River, but I’m not totally sure of the location or the name of these snow covered peaks.