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Here’s a heritage house, complete with a heritage rail fence, at Fort Garry, Manitoba.

This house probably dates back to the building of the Fort, in 1822.

It’s also a great fence for Good Fences day, which today just happens to be!

Stop by for a visit.


Down the Tracks

track to elevator.jpg

Down to tracks to the Elevator on a hazy day in May

Three Trees


Out on the prairie land of Manitoba, three trees stand against what the elements have to offer

Good Fences #71


Here’s two great fences.  They stop people from falling in the river as they cross this suspension bridge!

The bridge doesn’t look like it goes anywhere, but there is a nice hiking trail a few steps down off the bridge.

Shared with:  Good Fences # 71  Stop by and check it out!

Forest Walk


A walk through the forest abutting the Winnipeg River