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 A house, barn and Silos. This is  in the USA. This is an example of what seperates Canada and the US. That road is in the US and I’m standing on the Canadian road!

No walls here! Just a little ditch!



A Windmill and store fronts in the town of Lynden, Washington.

Lynden is predominantly Dutch.  Who Knew!!

A Room with a View



Along a highway near Lynden, Washington is this quaint farm building with its own white picket fence and a wonderful view.

Of course it’s Good Fences Day,  drop on over and give the folks a “Howdy!”

Hitching Post


A red Barn in the Lynden area of Washington.  The stroller in the barn and the tykes bike tell me the kids are in the barn helping Mum.

Washington Skies


Storm Clouds gather over the dairy fields of Washington