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On a very hazy day heading westbound from Hope, B.C. on the Canadian National Railway main line. Hope being at the east end of the Fraser Valley tends to get a backup of the weather down in the valley. The wind blows all the Smog and Fog which hangs up on the Mountains at the end of the Valley.


Mt. Hope


A view of Mt. Hope through the trees from the parking lot of the Hope, B.C. Golf Course. A very pretty course along the shores of the Coquihalla and Fraser River.

End of the Valley


The end of the Fraser Valley at Hope, B.C.

In the Canyon


A lovely afternoon for a walk in the Coquihalla Canyon. ┬áThe Coquihalla river running through it’s centre. ┬áThe movie “First Blood,” Rambo’s first was shot in areas of this canyon!

Cool Waters