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Nice Light


I don’t remember the names of these two different flowers.  I know I should!  But I was taken with the light from the sun from the west.


At Dusk


As the sun went town today, we had a little haze that lingered. Here our Butterfly bush is shrouded in the mistyness. Blooming into October is a bit rare, but we’ve had a nice season for growing.

today a hummer


Here’s my boy today! It’s almost dusk, so he’s getting his last drink before roosting. He’s an Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna) at our feeder in the garden. He’s rather in a blur here, but the light was quite poor and I’m glad his head is so fantastic!



I think you can tell when the seasons are changing.  Summer to Autumn is usually announced  with Chrysanthemums or if you like, just Mums!

Summer Sun


A small volunteer Sunflower in our garden.  We often get these from the seed that has been dropped from our bird feeders.  It’s always a treat to see something you weren’t expecting.  So would call it a weed!  Not Me!!