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Birds Galore


The other day I posted a photo of this field with the Golden Ears Mountains highlighted against a rusty gate. Today this is the same field. No mountains today, as it’s rained all day. But, birds galore. This flock of Gulls, about 90 of them were sitting in the field until we drove up, then they took off. Also on the field were a bunch of ducks. Find the Mallards here! Also in the trees theres about 35 crows and over the other way a Bald Eagle. So it was productive!

A Rusty Gate


A fine mountain view from a location in Fort Langley, B.C.

In a Winter Forest


A walk in a winter forest.  Soon this will be alive with green!

Through the Woods


A peek through the woods along the road revealed this old barn.

Golden Ears


The Golden Ears mountains as seen from Fort Langley near near Derby Reach.