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No One Yet Has Addressed…


…the Elephant in the room! Rudbeckia in the foreground with their bright faces! This Elephant was once a prop in a locally shot movie. It now resides at a local Garden Centre in Surrey: Potter’s. It made an interesting backdrop!



Here’s the newest addition to our garden.  A lovely two tiered fountain.  Fits in really nicely!

Malhide Castle


A Crocosmia hybrid the “Malhide Castle” Malhide is a castle in Ireland. Just north of Dublin!

Day Lilies


The Township of Langley, where I live, has planted Day Lilies along a lot of the road mediums. A shot our of the car window, of a patch near Costco!

A Pond


Down the street a ways there’s a lovely area of wetlands that has recently been developed. It is turning into a wonderful place for birds and animals and not so many people! So, it’s nice!