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Our Shasta Daisies (Leucanthemum × superbum) have just come into full bloom. One of my all time favourite flowers. They are great at attracting insects like this Thread-waisted Wasp.


Ditch Daisies


On the first day of Summer, everywhere we went there was Daisies. All wildflowers, all over! I love Dasies!

Montana Import


No, we didn’t import it!  If fact I don’t know from where it came!  Considered to be an evasive plant in places, this is Mountain Knapweed. It is very prolific and turns up everywhere. Regardless I think the flowers are quite pretty, so I’ll give it it’s due!

Nice Light


I don’t remember the names of these two different flowers.  I know I should!  But I was taken with the light from the sun from the west.

Empress Flowers


Our Empress Tree in the backyard is just full of these flowers right now. We really enjooy it’s display in Spring. It will soon be full of huge green leaves.