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Country Scene


A landscape image taken across the street from our house. The field has been unplanted for a few years and is slowly returning to nature. The yellow hue is from Buttercups. They have really taken off this spring

Blueberry Field


Looking south, the other day, into Washington from 0 Avenue. The Blueberries are coming into leaf. This huge field surrounds a wood lot of trees, complete with Eagles nests.

A Red Barn


A red Horse Barn on a pretty piece of property in Langley, B.C. The Weeping Willows were definitely showing signs of Spring. Dramatic Clouds rule the sky!

Down the Way


Down the way, from where we live are these three Douglas Firs. They used to be strong vibrant trees, but I think they all had a hard time this winter. I don’t know if they survived. I’ll have to see when it gets warmer. The othe evening I was most impress with the dynamic sky, bubbling up from the west. I looked quite ominus but didn’t amount to anything!

Across the Line


A nice Spring scene taken from 0 Ave in Aldergrove, looking south into Washington. I nice wild flowering tree and a field full of Dandilions!