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Good Fences #124


A rickety looking fence on the prairie.  Didn’t look like it would keep much in, then again, it was hot and the cows were more interested in the shade under the trees!

Anyway, this is my entry for this weeks Good Fences.


Good Fences #119


A nice rural scene near Caron, Saskatchewan.  An ever present stock fence keeps everyone safe and secure.

It’s Good Fences Day.  Click on over

Good Fences #118


As the sun set these cows were highlighted against the deep blue eastern sky.  Lots of big skies in North Dakota too!  And lots of range fences like this one that go on for miles and miles.

It’s Good Fences day.  Drop on over and have a look!

Good Fences #113


Here’s a nice bucolic scene, with the cows in the front yard eating the lush green grass.

Must be a treat after a long winter!

A decent fence to boot.  Cause it’s Good Fences day.  Click on over and have a look!

Good Fences #105


Where would we be with cows.  For all the things they provide us with.  And, where would we be without fences and gates to keep them where they should be.

Here’s a dairy operation, just south of the B.C./Washington border.

Yes, it’s Good Fences Day, drop on over and say Hi!