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After the Rain


It rained yesterday. A welcome, quenching rain. May for us was the driest on record with only 1.5 mm of rain. Corn was planted across the way and has been growing for most of May. I’m sure with the rain, it will shoot up some more!


As High An…


…Elephants Eye! Well, I don’t have an Elephant handy so you’ll to take my word for it! This is a lovely field of Corn in Washington, just at the border. I really don’t know about Elephants but it is really high and is a nice looking crop. The land in Watcom County is flat farmland. Very much what I’m familiar with on our prairies. They are primarily concerned with Dairy, but corn is a major diet for Dairy Cows. It is cut as silage and stored in various ways, like a Silo or a pit!

Good Fences #121


Here it is, laid out in neat lines.  First the corn, not yet up to an elephants eye, next the pretty Sunflowers, then the fence and last a field of BlueBerries.

Is there anything nicer than Sunflowers!  And, look at all those ripe BlueBerries.  Yum!

A great shot for Good Fences Day, I think!