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Fall Colour


Hope I’m not boring anyone with the Fall theme, but I think that Autumn is a photographers best friend. I take in as much of this colour as I can before the winter Blah’s decend. On the coast Blah is the word!  These colours come from Brydon Lagoon in Langley


Saturday Sunset


Another Sunset.  Can’t help it!!  We get some good ones this time of year.  This is a five shot compilation HDR.

Sunset Clouds


Here’s some great Sunset Cloudage!

This was from the other day, when we were heading home from chores.  Very pretty sky!

By the Pond


Alongside the duck pond the leaves are starting to change colour.  A sign of Autumn or a sign of the dry Summer we have had.   All we know is that one follows the other!

The Final Splash


As the sun’s rays dip below the horizon they set the sky and clouds on fire with a final splash of spectacular colour to end the day!