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Good Fences #103


We stopped along the side of the road, going home the other day.  There were a bunch of cows in this field.  This bull caught my attention.  Then he looked at me, and I thought to myself that this fence is not going to stop this Bull.  I got back in the car and we left.

So, here f0r Good Fences Day is a not so good fence keeping in an awful lot of bull!

At least it didn’t have horns like the ones in Theresa’s post today.

Stop by and have a look!

Good Fences # 103


Good Fences #86


Every farm needs a good sturdy fence.  This one seems to be that!

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A late afternoon shot today, of a stretch of Langley rural.  The clouds were very expressive as the sun dipped down giving us her golden light.

Good Fences #78


A good fence is always important when keeping stock.

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