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Autumn Blueberrys


An Autumn Blueberry field on a rainy October afternoon.

On the Pond


Here’s another pond that I found very pleasing.  Lots of nice reflections and the colour was great thanks to the Autumn Cattails



Mist from the pond gives a soft warm felling to these Cattails along the shore

Good Fences #126


Now I’ve seen a lot of different gates, all over the country, and more thanks to Good Fences, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one as nice as this one.  I’m assuming that the house and property are just as nice, but one can’t see them from the road.

Of course it’s Thursday and it’s Good Fences day and I’ve been waiting a week to post this one!  Have a look, there’s lots of interesting things on Good Fences!



Last years Cattails are looking seriously windblown against the late afternoon light