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Fence Friday


An old broken down fence protects a Blueberry field, with utility building against a forest greening up for Spring. This field utilizes a drip irrigation system. HFF!

Picking Time


Picking Blueberries on a hot August afternoon

Good Fences #121


Here it is, laid out in neat lines.  First the corn, not yet up to an elephants eye, next the pretty Sunflowers, then the fence and last a field of BlueBerries.

Is there anything nicer than Sunflowers!  And, look at all those ripe BlueBerries.  Yum!

A great shot for Good Fences Day, I think!



Layers of colour in an Abbotsford farmers field.

Seeing it’s Good Fences day, the fence takes centre stage holding up the remains of the summer’s Sunflowers,  then we have the bright red from the BlueBerry bushes, and then the trees.

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Grey Sky