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Clouds showing off the blue sky and the new growth on the trees.




In the late afternoon yesterday the moon was very bright as the sun’s last rays played on its surface. Lots of detail.



A shot of our Winter Wonderland early this morning! The blob in the right foreground is my weather station on our deck. The forecast: Snow!

Wednesdays Wonders

Manitoba 2015 615.jpg

Episode 3 of Mountain Madnes. A cabin on the open range with a room with a view! Clear sky with the only cloud catching on the top of the mountain.

Sunday Sunset


The end of a perfect Winter day today. Marking almost the middle of the month the temperature was up to 11 degrees C and it was sunny. Every Sundown here, the Crows flock together and head down south to where the roost for the night. I don’t know where exactly, but it must be a noisy place, when they all gather! Also in this shot is a flock of Gulls heading inland for the night.