My world in images


Keeping an Eye Out


The flag person on this highway job site, keeps a sharp eye out for upcoming traffic as she lays out some cones.



Moosejaw Mural


Here’s something different for the day.  A mural in an alley in Downtown MooseJaw, Saskatchewan.  Depicting a scene of Main Street in the 1920’s.  MooseJaw is reported to be a hiding place for Gangster Al Capone.  MooseJaw is also known for it’s murals.

On the Street Where We Live


A Post Sunset shot looking west down the street where we live.

Colours of Fall


A colourful stretch of Fraser Highway in downtown Aldergrove.  Just near where we live!

Behind Bars

behind bars.jpg

Here’s something different.  My first thought was that it was a shame they kept these lovely ladies behind bars!  Then again, knowing the neighbourhood at night it probably saves them from embarrassing situations!