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As High An…


…Elephants Eye! Well, I don’t have an Elephant handy so you’ll to take my word for it! This is a lovely field of Corn in Washington, just at the border. I really don’t know about Elephants but it is really high and is a nice looking crop. The land in Watcom County is flat farmland. Very much what I’m familiar with on our prairies. They are primarily concerned with Dairy, but corn is a major diet for Dairy Cows. It is cut as silage and stored in various ways, like a Silo or a pit!




Monsters at the local seed plant. Otter Coop in Aldergrove, B.C. All the various pipes and machines are used to seperate as well as mix grain for animal feed.



A Cedar Sawmill along the Fraser River in North Aldergrove in the township of Langley, B.C.

Smiley Face


Find the Smiley Face!  This is industry in Montana

Coal Mine


The abandoned Atlas Coal Mine near Drumheller, Alberta.  In the heart of the badlands.