My world in images


Waiting Clearance


Two SRY Locomotives, a CITX green monster and another SRY bringing up a foursome, waiting with a mixed train for clearance westbound at Langley.


Keeping an Eye Out


The flag person on this highway job site, keeps a sharp eye out for upcoming traffic as she lays out some cones.


As High An…


…Elephants Eye! Well, I don’t have an Elephant handy so you’ll to take my word for it! This is a lovely field of Corn in Washington, just at the border. I really don’t know about Elephants but it is really high and is a nice looking crop. The land in Watcom County is flat farmland. Very much what I’m familiar with on our prairies. They are primarily concerned with Dairy, but corn is a major diet for Dairy Cows. It is cut as silage and stored in various ways, like a Silo or a pit!



Monsters at the local seed plant. Otter Coop in Aldergrove, B.C. All the various pipes and machines are used to seperate as well as mix grain for animal feed.



A Cedar Sawmill along the Fraser River in North Aldergrove in the township of Langley, B.C.