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Fence Friday

Fence Friday


For Fence Friday, here’s some special purpose fences. An archive shot taken at Thunderbird Equestrian Centre in Langley, B.C. a few years back! ¬†An amazing sport to watch!


Fence Friday


Living in a rainforest with lots of moss. No point painting the fence, the moss will just take over.

Fence Friday


A pretty farm in Langley, B.C. The field in Summer is usually corn, but the place is up for sale, so who’s to know the future. The back road into the farm is lined with a wire fence almost obscured by the long grass! HFF

Fence Friday


A happy white fence making sure the lovely evergreens don’t get away! Happy Fence Friday!

Fenced Friday


A small stream drains off a nearby field protected by this fenceline strung with the Devils Wire!