My world in images


A Hole

hole in the sky2framed.jpeg

I read today, where people were seeing holes in the clouds. The weather office said they weren’t motherships but simply ice crystals in the clouds that turn into precipitation and fall, leaving a hole in the cloud! That was interesting, because I saw two of them yesterday, having never been aware of them before! Here’s one of them.


Out of the Sun

Out of the Sun.jpeg

A number of Gulls flying north appear to be coming out of the sun.

Here It Comes


The other day we had a cracking Thunder Storm. It chased the sun away and the skies opened with heavy rains. Even the Crows were heading for cover!

Dynamic Sky


After, it seems, weeks of clear skies, this weekend we had lots of cloud roll in. Even had some rain but only a sprinkle. I like my dramatic skies!

A Whisp


A whisp of cloud on a hot summer day.