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A Hole

hole in the sky2framed.jpeg

I read today, where people were seeing holes in the clouds. The weather office said they weren’t motherships but simply ice crystals in the clouds that turn into precipitation and fall, leaving a hole in the cloud! That was interesting, because I saw two of them yesterday, having never been aware of them before! Here’s one of them.


2 responses

  1. rhiebert

    That is very interesting. I have seen them, but not often and thought it was just the way the clouds had formed. Learned something new today.I always knew that blogging could be educational.😊

    2019/01/29 at 17:35

    • Ruth, thank you! I’d had never consciously seen one before. Then I saw two! I guess it makes sense!

      2019/02/08 at 17:22

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