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Mountain Magic


The Golden Ears Mountains with their peaks in a cloud highlighted by the setting sun, as viewed from Langley Township


6 responses

  1. rhiebert

    Absolutely stunning photo.Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    2018/12/22 at 20:20

    • Ruth, Thank you! Hope your holiday was very nice! Soon back to work! I’m a bit behind on my replies! Back to work for you soon I guess!

      2019/01/03 at 15:42

      • rhiebert

        Yes, I go back on Monday,the 7th.

        2019/01/03 at 17:08

      • Ruth, Ah well! All good things come to an end! Did you get a lot of snow this past few days? I heard there was a dump of snow.

        2019/01/08 at 16:25

      • rhiebert

        Yes,Robin we got a decent amount and now we have the cold.

        2019/01/09 at 11:41

      • Ruth, Cold just doesn’t really explain it, does it!

        2019/01/19 at 15:48

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