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Fence Friday


Here’s a lovely fence with a great vista of the Golden Ears Mountains. HFF!


4 responses

  1. That is quintessentially Canada 🙂

    2018/07/14 at 08:55

    • Adele, thank you! B.C. anyway! The prairies only wish they had such scenery!

      2018/07/16 at 13:25

      • They have scenery of a different kind which is just as beautiful though. Plus, nowhere else in Canada comes even close to the abundance of wildlife that was in the grasslands prior to settlement, and could come back with a little political willpower…

        2018/07/16 at 23:39

      • Adele, I agree! But when it comes to political willpower, is there any money in it!!

        2018/07/22 at 15:37

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