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No, we didn’t import it!  If fact I don’t know from where it came!  Considered to be an evasive plant in places, this is Mountain Knapweed. It is very prolific and turns up everywhere. Regardless I think the flowers are quite pretty, so I’ll give it it’s due!


6 responses

  1. It seems there are lots of evasive plants which do quite well in their new homes!

    2018/05/17 at 05:58

    • Andy, thanks! There certainly seems to be lots of them! I know there’s always a push on to get rid of the bad ones to let the good ones grow! Big job!

      2018/05/18 at 16:18

  2. MerleP

    Yes, the flowers are quite pretty. In the Midwest it’s relative, Spotted Knapweed is a highly invasive species and is destroying some wildflower habitats. But, there is a lot of discussion because bee keepers say they rely on it’s flowers in late to mid summer for their bees, and don’t like all the efforts to remove the knapweed. It’s originally from Southern Europe and is thought to have been brought over by contaminated Alfalfa seeds.

    2018/05/17 at 08:41

    • Merle, thank you! Very interesting!

      2018/05/18 at 16:17

  3. rhiebert

    It is unfortunate that many of the invasive species have such pretty flowers. I really like this one.

    2018/05/17 at 16:52

    • Ruth, thank you! We do too!

      2018/05/18 at 16:16

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