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Fence Friday


An old broken down fence protects a Blueberry field, with utility building against a forest greening up for Spring. This field utilizes a drip irrigation system. HFF!

4 responses

  1. MerleP

    Nice shot. Broken down fences are much more interesting than very new or good ones. I like your idea of “Fence Friday” and I’ll incorporate that idea in my daily photographs.

    2018/04/13 at 18:24

    • Merle, Thank you! I used to belong to a group that had a blogged Good Fences. Now I post to Flickr which has a weekly Fence Friday. Before you know it you’ll be out looking for good fences all over the place!!

      2018/04/15 at 17:53

  2. rhiebert

    This shows that even an old fence can look beautiful.

    2018/04/14 at 17:55

    • Ruth, thank you! I think that most of the time they look better. But there are definitely exceptions to that rule!!

      2018/04/15 at 17:52

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