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Spring Makes Me Happy


We are in the midst of Cherry blossom time around the area!  I love Cherry Blossom time!   Welcome Spring!  Yahoo!


4 responses

  1. gwenniesgardenworld

    soo pretty !!!

    2018/04/05 at 11:18

    • Gwennie, thank you so much!

      2018/04/06 at 15:47

  2. rhiebert

    This picture makes me happy.I would be even happier if the wind wasn’t howling outside and the temperatures around -6 Celsius.Oh well, that too will change in time.Beautiful photo.

    2018/04/05 at 17:39

    • Ruth, Thank you! Spring is certainly taking it’s time this year. We’ve had rain and more rain. This afternoon the Sun is out and it’s 15 degrees C! And I’ll take it. I’ve been watching he weather back there. You have had you share of cold. Hope it’s over soon!

      2018/04/06 at 15:47

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