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crocus pile.jpg

Here I am playing with a new program. For me anyway! As Spring gets closer, we have a nice variety of Crocuses in our gardens. Here just a few!


6 responses

  1. rhiebert

    That looks great. You didn’t mention the name of this new program.I’m always interested in hearing about new program which someone else enjoys, so I maybe can try them too.

    2018/03/15 at 19:05

    • Ruth, thank you! It’s called Collagelt 3 Pro. It’s in the Mac App Store. This version was $15 but there is a free Lite Collagelt. Basically a Collage program. It does some interesting things! I always like playing with these things!

      2018/03/17 at 17:22

      • rhiebert

        Thanks. I do have that one but rarely use it.Maybe I’ll have to change that and use it again.

        2018/03/18 at 14:40

      • Ruth, Thank you! I don’t think it’s for everything, but once in a while it seems to work!

        2018/03/18 at 15:56

  2. gwenniesgardenworld

    lovely collage !!

    2018/03/16 at 10:15

    • Thank you, Gwennie!

      2018/03/17 at 17:20

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