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Mountain Madness, E 05

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_537f.jpgSpeaking of mountians, here’s one we saw a couple of years back! It was very monumental to me as after two years I was able to walk unassisted, and we did that, to the very base of this marvolous Mountain! The yellow sky is a result of forest fires in the State.



4 responses

  1. Wow.. wonderful!

    2018/01/23 at 19:47

    • Mother, thanks very much!

      2018/01/24 at 17:46

  2. rhiebert

    That is quite a mountain. I have been there as well, many years ago.

    2018/01/24 at 09:42

    • Ruth, Thank you! It’s a sight to see alright! It has become so popular that the crowds are almost beyond control. But I’m not a fan of crowds so I’m a bit bias!

      2018/01/24 at 17:48

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