My world in images

Water & Ice


Down the road a bit, there is a favourite spot, where a farmers pond overflow drains into the ditch. A three foot falls is the result. It changed interestingly with the seasons. Here it is in it ice stage!

4 responses

  1. rhiebert

    That is some fascinating artwork.I love this.

    2018/01/06 at 18:27

    • Ruth, thank you so much!

      2018/01/07 at 18:15

  2. Andy

    Right now, it’s so cold in Massachusetts, the roads are terrible, plows did a horrible job this year. I don’t dare go outside!
    But, it’s still pretty to look at.

    2018/01/07 at 13:48

    • Andy, thanks! I agree, it’s pretty to look at, but that’s about all! We were housebound for a few days too!

      2018/01/07 at 18:15

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