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Glass Field


Over the weekend we had a Winter storm that left us yesterday after long periods of freezing rain. Today with the Sun making an appearance the field and trees appear to be coated in glass and reflect the sun very nicely!


8 responses

  1. Vicki

    this is very beautiful!

    2017/12/31 at 17:49

    • Vicki, thank you very much!

      2018/01/01 at 18:09

  2. rhiebert

    As much as the ice is dangerous and causes lots of problems, it sure does make for a gorgeous photo.

    2017/12/31 at 19:24

    • Ruth, I sure have to agree with you there! Thank you!

      2018/01/01 at 18:09

  3. Excellent photo of an exceptional scene, Robin! Congratulations!

    2017/12/31 at 22:02

    • D, thank you very much!

      2018/01/01 at 18:09

  4. MerleP

    Beautiful landscape and a great capture of it. Something good from nasty weather, for sure.

    2018/01/01 at 18:16

    • Merle, thank you! The camera didn’t do it justice! It was quite spectacular!

      2018/01/02 at 19:12

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