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It makes me wonder what this little Dark-eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis) is thinking as the snow falls around him! Probably yearning for warmer days! Me too!


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  1. rhiebert

    He does look like he is contemplating something.I like winter, but our last few days of bitter cold is a bit much for me.

    2017/12/27 at 18:34

    • Ruth, I agree! The temperatures you are getting are too much! It’s temperatures I remember as a kid, but it was too much then too! We have just reached a staggering 1 degree here! And it’s raining! We got freezing rain all night last night! What a mess! But the rain will wash it all away! Hooray!

      2017/12/28 at 15:02

  2. gwenniesgardenworld

    He probably thinks ; why oh why didn’t I fly to Florida…..

    2017/12/28 at 08:08

    • Gwennie, thank you! They tend to be winter birds, but enough is enough already!

      2017/12/28 at 15:00

      • gwenniesgardenworld

        I heard about the cold and the snow in Canada and the US, I can’t even immagine what -30 C° feels like !!!

        2017/12/29 at 05:15

      • Gwennie, I’m glad you don’t have to experience it! It’s difficult to explain what that temperature feels like! Thankfully we don’t have it that cold in our area, but still cold. Minus 3 C right now! Happy New Year to You!

        2017/12/31 at 17:35

  3. What’s with the adverts, Robin? Have you changed something?

    Lovely, sensitive shot of the junco!

    2017/12/28 at 08:54

    • D, I don’t know about the adverts! I don’t see them on my Mac. Have to look with my iPad to see them. I’ve reported them anyway! Not suppose to be there! Thanks for tipping me off to this! Thanks for the Junco comment too! They are so photogenic!

      2017/12/28 at 14:59

  4. MerleP

    Nice shot of the Junco. He really looks cold. Our feeders have been hit hard here with temps around 0°F. The birds need lots of food to keep warm. We don’t spend any more time outdoors than we half to.

    2018/01/01 at 18:29

    • Merle, thank you! Our birds seem to do surprisingly well! Even the Hummer! We haven’t been as cold as you, but it’s been below 0 C for a week or so and lots of ice!

      2018/01/02 at 19:11

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