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Fenced Friday


A small stream drains off a nearby field protected by this fenceline strung with the Devils Wire!


5 responses

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  2. rhiebert

    Lovely picture.

    2017/12/15 at 19:56

    • Ruth, thank you! We see sights like this a lot, but never seem to take notice! I did with this one, as my main focus had been further into the field with a duck pond!

      2017/12/17 at 15:57

  3. Handsome shot, Robin!

    BTW, I’m not familiar with the term “devil’s wire”.

    2017/12/16 at 08:54

    • D, thank you! Don’t know where I picked it up! Referring to Barbed Wire. Read it somewhere, I think!

      2017/12/17 at 15:55

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